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It all started when...

We are bringing something new to the scene of home parties.  Our Passion Parties are inclusive and focused on healthy, safe  products for all people, and I am honored to host them! 

I started to work for Spice2nite a few years ago as a young sex educator in training. I have came to love the company and the job. When the option to host home parties was brought up I jumped at the chance! So here we are! 

I am Emily Falcone and I am a  graduate student of social work and human sexuality at Widener University and am in the process of becoming an ASSECT (American Society of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists) member.  We value pleasure, and therefore are committed to helping people find healthy and fun products to enhance their sex lives and relationships.

The amazing Jaclyn Freidman always says the most important sexual relationship is the one we have with ourselves, and I have never heard truer words. 



Introducing our party planner Katie Starrantino

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I joined the Spice2Nite family in 2012 and in that time have worked for the company in a number of different capacities including promotions, sales, education and now...parties! I have degrees in social work, human sexuality education, and sex therapy. I believe that our sexuality is an important part of our well being and a totally fun part at that! I look forward to helping you throw an awesome party!

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