Welcome to Emily's Best Collaboration Yet!


Hello and welcome to the next slice of the Spice2nite pie! We are so excited to extend into home parties both in person and online! I am Emily Falcone and I am ecstatic to go on this journey with all of you! 

A little about me! 

I have been working with Spice2nite for the last 4 years in store and online. I worked in store directly engaging with customers and learning about the product as well as the people. This has given me a wealth of information about toys, lingerie, lube and more. I am also a training sex educator whose life goal is to educate folks on safe and fun sex and sexuality. My hope is to inspire passion! 

A little about what makes us and this different 

As Im sure you know, home parties are not a brand new thing. But what makes this different is that Spice2nite has teamed up with sex educators who are well trained, inclusive, and inspiring to provide more than just a good time. Our parties are for more than shopping, they are for learning.We focus on health and safety as well as the fun, and make sure that no matter how you identify and who you play with you are included.  We are also very lucky to have two brick and mortar stores as home base and a wealth of product to chose from so that everyone can get exactly what they are looking for! 

 Thank you for joining us to inspire passion! I want to also extend my gratitude to the amazing team at Spice and all the people who have encouraged and supported this endeavor!  So thank you all! 

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